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Pic of Lynne carving    

The Fox and the Crane in Antique BronzeHi! My name is Lynne Krestan (with Pupz) and I hope you'll be interested in looking at the unique line of garden art I've created in Lake Villa, IL just outside of Chicago.

Simple Wisdom is my line of Garden Fable™ plaques that tell a story and they're all handmade by me in the good ol' USA.  Browse my website to see my unique line of garden art.

I start with one of my original wood carvings illustrating a favorite story or fable from my childhood. I make a mold of my carving and then create a casting with the look and properties of either solid copper or antique bronze.

The copper plaques contain a lot of pure copper and have a natural copper patina.   I sandblast them and then hand sand each to bring out the beautiful copper highlights in the finished Garden Fable™ plaque. 

I create the antique bronze plaques using a mica powder, a few other "secret ingredients" and then apply two finishes to bring out the depth and highlights.

Each Garden Fable™ plaque includes a story booklet and a sturdy black strap for hanging indoors or copper wire for outdoors.

You could say the idea for the Simple Wisdom line of Garden Fables™ was planted in my brain when I was still in diapers, back in the “good ol’ days” before my family could afford a TV. Both my parents were avid readers and some of my happiest childhood memories are the times my mother and father would read to me.  Of course, I grew up to be a voracious reader myself.

Fables have been used for thousands of years as an easy and entertaining way for parents to teach their children moral and ethical behavior.  I chose all the other stories to be postive and even a little inspirational.

If you see my Garden Fables™ as a beautiful and unique addition to your garden, patio or home, I will be very happy.  If you also use my Garden Fables™ as a way to communicate with and even teach a child, I'll be thrilled!

Were you read to as a child? Do you have any favorite fables you’d like to see designed into the next Garden Fable™ plaque? Send me an e-mail and let me know. I’d also love to see pictures of my Garden Fables™ in your own setting.

 100% Handmade in the USA!